Saturday, January 8, 2011

Elen Rivas legs up

Elen Rivas legs upElen Rivas is seen in the above picture with her legs up as she readies herself for Dancing On Ice. Elen is seen wearing a white top and a silver short skirt with skating shoes. Elen Rivas was living with Frank Lampart (the Chelsean footballer) and dated singer Peter Andre as well.

Today, Elen Rivas is liberated and is more happy playing with her daughters Luca Coco (5) and Isla (3) which she had with Lampard.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jesse Randhawa legs up with Sandip Soparrkar

Jesse Randhawa legs up with Sandip SoparrkarThe man who taught dancing to Britney Spears (we are talking about Sandip Soparrkar) is seen with his wife, model & dancer, Jesse Randhawa as they pose for a pic. Sandip and Jesse are dancing in dark pink and black dresses as they are invited by English comedian Russell Brand for his marriage with actress Katy Perry.

Jesse Randhawa has upped her toned and clear leg while she dances with husband Sandip Soparrkar.